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Ég fann þessa ensku smásögu í tölvunni sem ég gerði í 9. bekk. VARÚÐ: HÚN ER LÖÖÖNG. Þetta er svo mikið bull!

The big tree

One day, Sally Jackson, a 19 year old student in London, was walking in the park. It was a Friday afternoon and she was so glad that the weekend had already started. The sun was shining, the birds sang and the bumblebees buzzed. She noticed that there was an old lady standing next to a lamp post and she was looking at a big tree. Sally didn’t really wonder about this so she kept on walking. Suddenly she heard a bang and looked back. The people ran out of the park and an old lady lay on the ground. It was the same women who had been watching the tree. She had been shot! She hid behind a tree and saw a man dressed in black run towards the body and he took her handbag. He stood next to the body for a minute and looked around. Sally was so scared that she started to cry and she couldn’t stop the tears. The man heard her and started walking towards the tree. Sally ran away and the man was following her. She ran as fast as she could but she was faster than him. Sally looked back but she couldt’n see him. She ran into an alley and went behind a dustbin and stayed there for a while. She thougt about what she had seen and knew that this was a case for the police to handle.
Sally went to the policestation and talked to the police commissioner.

“Hello, my name is Sally Jackson and I was in the park today and I witnessed a murder!”
“Oh, a horrable murder indeed. Mr. Falker is on this case and you can talk to him for further informations.”
“Thank you very much”
Mr. Falker was a handsome man and Sally felt a connection with him the first minute she laid eyes on him.
“Hello, my name is Sally Jackson and I witnessed the murder in the park this afternoon.”
“Yes, the Memphis case” said Mr. Falker.
“The Memphis case?” asked Sally.
“Yes, the woman’s name was Alexandra Memphis, a 65 year old jewelrystore owner in London. Her late husband was Jonathan Memphis, a stockbroker which had been shot in the same park 10 years ago. We found out that he was a drugdealer with some very angry clients.
“What a horrible story!” said Sally.
“So, I have been told that you saw the murderer”
“Yes, but I didn’t see his face but I saw a tattoo on his hand shaped like a red triangle with some animal in the middle.”
“Was it a snake?” asked Mr. Falker.
“Yes, I think so”
“It was the sign of Mr. Memphis’s company and all his drugdealers had this tattoo. Now we know that the murderer has to be one of his dealers.”
“But what if the murderer or the one who is behind this wanted someone to see this tattoo to make that person think that this is a dealer from Mr. Memphis’s company?”
“Very clever, Mrs. Jackson.” said Mr. Falker.
“Please call me Sally”
“All right, Sally. Tell me, did you see anything peculiar in the park?”
“Well yes I did. The old lady was staring at a big tree in the park. And just few seconds after, she got shot. So there has to be something about that tree”
“Should we maybe take a walk to this tree?”
“Yes” said Sally.

Sally really liked Mr. Falker and thought that he was a gentleman and they are not very common in London. When they came to the tree, they didn’t find anything but Sally found a big hole under the tree.
“What can this be?”
“I think that there is something in there”
Mr. Falker pulled a brown paper bag out from the hole. He opened it and there were many bags with white powder in it.
“This is cocaine!” said Mr. Falker after he tasted the white powder.
“Now I see why they wanted to kill Mr. Memphis and his wife” said Sally.
“But why did they kill Mrs. Memphis?”
“Well, I don’t know. Maybe she knew something about these drugs” said Sally.
“Well, you are very good at this. Maybe you should be an investigator when you grow up”
“Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an investigator! Maybe I will.”
“I think that we should take this to the station and figure out a plan for how we can catch these crooks”

They went to the station and figures out a plan. They were going to hide behind some bushes tonight and put the drugs in the hole. And if somebody tries to get them, Mr. Falker will arrest him or them. It was the perfect plan.

Sally and Mr. Falker met at the station and walked together to the tree. They were both dressed in black so that they wouldn’t be noticed in the dark. They went behind the bushes and stayed there for many hours. At 2 o’clock, a man dressed in black came running towards the tree. Mr. Falker sneaked up to the man and seized him. He handcuffed him and went with him to the station. And Sally was right, the killer wasn’t one of Mr. Memphis dealers. It was his uncle who only wanted to inherit his money and his company because he was his only family exept for his wife so that was the reason for killing the old lady. He also used drugs so that’s why he wanted the drugs under the tree.

Sally then became an investigator and started to date Mr. Falker. They got married and lived happily ever
after. Now you can see that a little bit of action can bring two people together.

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