mánudagur, maí 09, 2005

The Satisfaction of Pronounciation

Since you never gave a damn in the first place
maybe it's time you had the tables turned with grace
cuz in the interest of all involved
I got the problem solved
and the verdict is guilty
man nearly killed me
stepping where you fear to tread
stop, drop and roll, you were dead
from the git-go in Soho.
Big mouth fucker - stupid cocksucker
are you scared of me now?
Then you're dumber than I thought
you haven't been caught
yet but don't fret
always is and never was
you are your own boss.
Foundation made of piss and vinegar.
Yes sir!
Step to me I'll swear ya
think I fear ya?
Bullshit! Just another dumb punk sucking on this tit
And no, you are no Brad Pitt.
Was there any way to break through the noise?
Being mute is a better choice.
Was there anything I said that got you bent?
Was it maybe Arthur fucking Dent?
It's gotta be that way if you want sanity -
literal profanity hit me!

Ekki verð ég líffræðingur, en rappari? Ég býst sterklega við því.

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